1/3" Colour CCD 900TVL 36 IR LED Waterproof Security Camera

R 279.00

Waterproof Night Vision security camera. Protect your home or business with this durable, high-quality outdoor home security camera. The security camera with clear resolution and a long viewing range allows you capture full situation outside your house! This powerful wired security camera is perfect for keeping an eye on the outside of your home or business all day and night, rain or shine. The 1/3 inch Colour CCD lens gives a high quality image  while 36 infrared (IR) LED′s provide excellent night vision, even in complete darkness. The heavy-duty casing protects this security camera from water, stormy weather, and falling debris. And the included easy adjustable bracket allows you easy to install at the position you want! Protect your privacy property, keep the stealer stay away your ware house, and make the student feel safe at campus with this amazing security camera!
1/3" 3.6mm Lens 900 TV lines
36 IR Leds
Each camera comes with a power supply and a silver mounting bracket

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