Askari Wireless Security Kit 2

R 4,995.00 R 6,199.00

Askari Security Kit 2 is a basic security setup for small/medium apartments, town houses and small/medium houses.

The kit includes the following:
2 x Askari Outdoor/Indoor Wireless Sensor incl Brackets.
1 x Askari Nano Station (8 zone wireless transmitter/receiver).

The Askari Wireless Sensor is a battery-operated, dual-sensor, outdoor movement detector designed to detect intruders and wirelessly transmit the information to an alarm interface.

Askari Wireless Sensor Features:

  • Dual, fixed beam PIR's
  • Audible walk-test mode
  • Battery life expectancy of over 3 years
  • Small and unobtrusive
  • Weather resistant, UV stabilized poly IR6
  • Wireless
  • Tamper alarm
  • Stainless steel, adjustable, mounting bracket
  • Adjustable detection range of 5-18m
  • Optional, double-hit mode setting

The Askari Nano Station is a re-chargeable, multi-functional tool that can be used to configure the Askari detector to suit the environment. It is also capable of announcing detection signals from the Askari detectors.

Askari Nano Station Features:

  • Monitors up to 8 Scouts
  • Gives audible and visual indication of the activated Scout
  • Stealth mode function
  • In its learning format it will receive programming data from a Scout, or another Nano
  • Transmits 11 different instructions to Scout, Relays, Lights or Alarm I/O
  • For programming purposes, it can transmit any programmed Scout to another Nano, Alarm I/O Interface or Relay
  • It can transmit configuration, sensitivity and other instructions to a programmed Scout
  • Transmits its own master code to enable the cloning in of other Nanos


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