GSM+PSTN Alarm System

R 995.00 R 1,650.00

Quick Details:
Usage: Home Security Alert
Product name: gsm alarm Maison sans fil
Color: White
Case Material: ABS+Acrylic
Protect Zone Qty: 6 wired + 99 wireless
Language support: English, Spanish, Italian, Russian, French, Portugual No Greek
Control Type: IOS and Android APP, Remote Controllers
Radio Frequency: 315/433MHz
Certification: CE, RoHS, CCC
Function:m Anti-theft/Emergency Alert

1. Dual Network PSTN/GSM Home Alarm System.
2. Built-in Clock and color TFT LCD Screen, High-Sensitive Touch Panel Keypad.
3. 10 seconds voice message recording.
4. RFID function(work with electromagnetic lock)
5. 3 Groups of Timely Arm and Disarm.
6. Support 6 wired, 50 Wireless Defense zones and 8 Wireless Remote Controls
7. Set 6 alarm phone numbers. and 3 Alarm SMS numbers.
8. Support Wireless Siren( Default Frequency 315Mhz). Also, Support Wired Siren.
9. Unique Function of Low voltage alert by sending notifying message.
10. Built-in 4.2 V Lithium Battery, when Power is off, the host will alarm.
11. Be Compatible with the international CID Center Protocol: Ademco Contact ID Protocol.

Product Details: 
1: It can not only insert the SIM card, but also connect the PSTN lines. The safety will be doubled by the dual network.
2: The LED display is colored in high definition. The built-in operation system makes the operation convinient, leaving out the troublesome of remembering the instruction code.
3: Support 6 wired defense zones, 99 wireless defense zones, and 8 wireless remote controllers.
4: When the detectors are in low voltage, the host will text the SMS to remind the users to change the battery promptly for the regular work of the system.
5: It is compatibly used by intelligent smart home system. 20 wireless equipment can be paired.
6: support international Alarm Center Protocol:  ADEMCO Contact ID protocol.

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