Hikvision IP-Based Fingerprint Access Control Terminal With Camera for Face detection

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Hikvision IP-Based Fingerprint Access Control Terminal With Camera

  •   Standalone Terminal Settings

  •   2.8-inch LCD Screen

  •   Touch Mode and Blue Light Display Keypad

  •   2 MP Camera for Face Detection and Picture Capture

  •   Tampering Detection, Unlocking Overtime Alarm, Invalid Card Swiping Alarm, Duress Card Alarm

    Hikvision’s DS-K1T201MF/MF-C optical IP-based fingerprint access control terminals feature multiple advanced technologies, including fingerprint recognition, face detection, Wi-Fi, smart card recognition, LCD display screen, and picture capturing technology. It is designed with a 2.8-inch LCD display screen and optional 2 MP HD camera. It is equipped with an optical fingerprint recognition module

Processor Storage MicroSD Card (Additional) Operation System Camera Valid Cards/Swiping Records

Fingerprint Capacity

Fingerprint Recognition Duration FAR (False Accept Rate) FRR (False Rejection Rate) Fingerprint Recognizer Card Reading Mode Card Reading Frequency External Card Reader

Communication Mode

Transmission Rate

Input Interface Output Interface LCD Screen Keyboard LED Indicator Audio Power Supply Working Current Working Temperature Working Humidity Certificates Dimensions Weight

≥ 1 GHz, 32-bit high-performance processor 256 MB storage
Maximum 32 GB, built-in microSD card Linux

Maximum 4750 people (two local collected fingerprint templates for each person, 9500 fingerprints in total)
≥ 1s, 1:1000 ≥ 1s
≥ 0.001%
≥ 0.01%
Optical fingerprint recognizer module
Mifare cards
Mifare card: 13.56 MHz
RS485 IC reader
Terminal mode: Uplink (TCP/IP, Wi-Fi), downlink (RS-485)
Card reader mode: Uplink (Wiegand 26/34, RS-485)
TCP/IP, WIFI: 10/100 Mbps self-adaptive
RS-485: 19200 bps-N-8-1
Door magnetic sensor x 1, alarm input x 2, tamper-resistant switch x 1, exit button x 1 Doorbell x 1, relay x 1
320 × 240 LCD-TFT display screen
17 keys (0 to 9, F1, F2, DEL, switch key, *, #, doorbell)
12 VDC
500 mA (without locks)
-4° to 149° F (-20° to 65° C)
10% to 90% (non-condensing)
CE, FCC, UL 60950-1
0.88 lb (400 g)

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