Spy DVR Camera Watch 4 GB

R 650.00

Spy DVR Camera Watch 4 GB

Bring out the 007 in you with this super stylish, covert Spy Watch records video and audio, takes photographs, is splash proof and of course tells the time. With a high quality black finish it is a desirable timepiece even without taking into account the added extras. But it is the hidden video and sound recorder, and stills camera that really puts its wearer into the world of James Bond. It has 4GB built in storage capacity, more than enough space to take hours of video surveillance in computer ready AVI format, capture high quality photographs of your quarry, or record crystal clear audio. It is perfect for making recordings of meetings or lectures, for capturing holiday memories when you do not have your camera at hand, or to leave yourself a memo when you are out and about. Whether you love the latest gadgets or have fantasies of being the next 007 then this is the watch for you. It is simple to use, and comes with a USB cable for uploading your files onto your PC. It is impossible to detect the miniature camera lens in the watch face and the microphone and USB connection look like just another button.
Technical data
PLEASE Note : this is a Spy camera and is not meant to keep accurate time

4 GB internal memory
Operation 70 minutes
Integrated Lithium-polymer battery with 200 mAh and 5V
Video recording in AVI format
Picture taken in JPEG format
Webcam function
Sound recording function

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