Tuya Smart Wifi Alarm system, Comes with the free Tuya app

R 595.00 R 999.00

Tuya Smart Wifi Alarm system, Comes with the free Tuya app


1. Intelligent gateway + siren two-in-one WiFi alarm system, 120db alarm volume.
2. Built-in lithium battery, power failure can be used as an on-site alarm system.
3. Can be linked with smart switch / WiFi camera.
4. Disarm / alarm message push.
5. Arming / disarming / home defense mode is optional.
6. Link up to 24 accessories and 8 remote controls.
7. The wireless distance is 100 meters (open).
8. Can be used with all TUYA smart products.
9. Tamper / Power Outage / Incoming Message Push.
10. Siren sound level, flashing light on / off can be adjusted by yourself.
11. The name of the accessory can be edited.
12. The siren can be linked to the alarm before the siren.
13. Disarm regularly.
14. You can link the camera to enable motion detection to take photos and videos.
15. Support Alexa, Tmall Genie, Google Assistant.

Product parameters:
1. Arming: The alarm sounds and lights.
2. Arm at home: only light alarm
3. Disarm: Only SOS alarm.
4. Number of remote controls: 8.
5. Number of detectors: 24.
6. Volume: high / medium / low 3 levels adjustable.
7. Siren time: adjustable from 1-180 seconds.
8. Timing control: Arm / Home / Disarm.
9. Accessory frequency: 433Mhz.
Package contains
1 x Smart  siren
1 x PIR detector
1 x Door/windoow contact
1 x Remote control 82

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