Ajax ReX Range Extender

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ReX Range Extender

Extends the range between the Wireless Devices and the Hub / Hub Plus

ReX expands the boundaries of the protected area. The range extender controls the system devices connected to it enabling the user to place them at a considerable distance from the hub; in a multi-storey office, in a detached garage or in a large production plant. ReX doubles the signal range which potentially extends the Ajax radio coverage area up to 16 km² with no interference.

Increases the flexibility of the Ajax ecosystem:
ReX acts as a reliable link between the hub and Ajax devices. Depending on the requirements, all detectors or only some of them can operate via the intelligent range extender. Meanwhile, the number of devices connected to ReX does not affect the speed of alarm delivery.

Enhances the security system:
Installation of regular range extenders can increase the risk of losing the alarm signal during transmission — so they become the weakest link in the security systems. But ReX takes the reliability and resilience of Ajax to a new level. After the hub, ReX is the second decision-making center. It integrates detectors into an autonomous group within the system. If the connection with the hub is interrupted for some reason, ReX will assume control: it will receive an alarm signal from the detector and activate the siren to attract attention to the incident and scare off the burglar.

As smart as Hub:
ReX is run by the intelligent OS Malevich. This operating system has already proved its reliability — it is used in Ajax hubs ensuring the security of hundreds of thousands of premises all over the world. ReX knows the same as Ajax central panel, and controls the devices connected to the system, makes decisions with lightning speed, and is always on guard. The capabilities and the role of ReX in the security system will continue to grow with OS Malevich updates that are free for all users.
Ready to resist intruder attacks
ReX is protected against software and hardware attacks. The OS Malevich operating system running ReX is not vulnerable to viruses or exploits, which prevents disruptions resulting from attacks on the firmware code. It is not possible to hack ReX by intercepting the signal — the information that the device receives and sends is encrypted. A sudden power supply interruption will not be a problem — ReX has a powerful battery that will not compromise the security of the premises.

Technical Specifications:
• Compatibility - All Ajax devices with the exception of the bridges uartBridge and ocBridge Plus
• Number of devices connected to the range extender - Up to 99 when operating with Hub / up to 149 when operating with Hub Plus
• Radio signal range - Up to 1,800 m (without obstacles)
• Power supply - 110–240 V AC
• Backup battery - up to 35 hours of battery life
• Operating temperature range - From -10°С to +40°С
• Operating humidity - Up to 75%
• Compatibility - Hub and Hub Plus featuring OS Malevich 2.7.1 and later

Package Contents:
• Intelligent radio signal range extender ReX
• Power cable
• Installation kit
• Quick Start Guide

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