Hikvision Mag Lock Kit - Battery Back up - One Door Excl Terminal

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This kit includes;

    1x DS-K4H258-LZ

    Hikvision LZ-Bracket for Magnetic Lock (DS-K4H258SD)

    Suitable for wooden and Metal door

    1x DS-K4H258S

    Hikvision Magnetic Lock, Single-door, 280 kg linear thrust; 12 VDC, 340 mA; Dimension of lock body (L × W × H) 238 × 45 × 25 mm

    The one-door magnetic lock is designed for wooden door, glass door, and steel door with the opening angle of 90°. The maximum thrust of the lock is 280kg. It can be used for controlling door opening/closing, and the indicator shows the door status.

    1x DS-K4DC104

    Hikvision Door closer for door weight 60- 85 kg, width =1100mm, closer strength EN4, opening angle =180°, environment temperature -30~50?.

    1x GS12035DC-UPS- PL

    Powersupply, DC UPS 12VDC & 13.8VDC Charging,3.5Amp,Flame-retardant PVC, SANS IEC62368-1

    1x G-MAX7

    Battery AGM, Sealed Lead Acid, 7ah 12V, IEC60896

    1x NF-70

    Adjustable No-Touch Sensor

    1xNF-70 BM

    Backbox for NF-70 No Touch Sensor 

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