30W Indoor Multi Function LED Light Bulb | Battery Back up

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Easy to install - works like a normal light bulb, simply replace any light bulb in your home with this one

Ensure that the wall plug is connected and switched on - automatically recharges when Eskom power returns

Can be turned On/Off from the existing lamp switch. Saves 80% of energy compared to a traditional incandescent bulb

This 30W LED Light can be plugged into your light socket, it will automatically remain on when the power goes out, as it is powered by built-in rechargeable batteries

It is a great energy-saving light making it environmentally friendly

- Easy installation
- Battery-powered
- Durable and environmentally friendly
- Multifunctional
- It is convenient
- It is portable

- Package Weight; 300g
- Package Dimensions; l=10.2cm x w=10.2cm x h=11.9cm
- Power; 30W
- Voltage; AC 90V-265V
- Frequency; 50-60Hz
- Temperature; 20~80 degrees C
- Emergency Power; 3W
- Charge Time; 10 hours
- Life Time; 50 000 hours
- Angle; 180
- Color Temperature; 8000k-8500k
- Light Source; LED

What's in the box
1 x 30W Indoor Multi Function LED Light Bulb

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