Ajax GlassProtect - Wireless Glass Break Detector

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Ajax Glass Break Detector

A small wireless detector that detects broken glass using an electret microphone which registers the sound of impact against the glass and of the glass falling. It is installed at a maximum distance of 9 m from the window and uses two-factor detection of broken glass prevents false alarms caused by thunder, dogs barking and noise from passing trucks.

Product specifications:
• Connects to Ajax Hub with a single click
• Wireless glass break detector for indoor use
• Detects broken glass up to 9 meters away
• Allows connection to a third-party opening detector
• Can be used with third-party security systems using the uartBridge and ocBridge Plus modules
• Uses authentication to protect against fraud
• Tamper-resistant body
• Response from detectors can be checked every 12-300 seconds (adjustable)
• Jamming detection, frequency-hopping
• Uses an encrypted connection
• Two-way communication with Ajax Hub allows for periodic testing and customization
• Saves energy by regulating power consumption based on the distance from Ajax Hub
• Has a battery life of up to 7 years when pinging once per minute
• Uses two-factor detection of broken glass at low and high frequencies to prevent false alarms
• Adjustable to three different sensitivity levels
• No need to disassemble the body when installing using SmartBracket mounts
• The quality of the connection and detection area can be tested remotely
• Glass break detection angle of 180°
• Battery: 3V CR123A (included)
• Operating temperature: +5°С to +40°С
• Humidity: 75%

Package contents:
• GlassProtect glass break detector
• CR123A battery
• External contact
• Installation set
• User guide

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