COMMAX 7" Video 1:1 Intercom CDV-70N/DRC-4L

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The Ultra Monitor is a 7″ hand-set type product that includes all that is essential for a monitor. Users will find it to be highly efficient as the device has incorporated the most fundamental and essential functions

FINE COMMUNICATION: 7” color monitor that applied vivid FINE VIEW technology and outstanding audio quality with hand set.
INTERCOMMUNICATION: Up to 2 monitors and interphones each are expandable per household, providing intercommunication function.
DOOR ENTRY: It creates a safer and more convenient living environment with entrance front door release control function.

Handset type design
Video talk and door lock release enable
Support 2 monitors, 1 cameras and 2 Interphones(CDV-70N)
Support 2 monitors, 2 cameras and 2 Interphones(CDV-70N2)
Memory storing in SD memory (SD Card is not included CDV-70NM)

Power source: AC 100-240V, 50/60Hz
Mount type: 7 inch TFT LCD
Operating temp.
Wall-mounted type
Wiring: Door camera : 4 wires
Interphone : 4 wires
Distance: Door camera : 50m(0.65Ø)
Interphone : 30m(0.65Ø)
Consumption: Max. 16W/standby 3W
Dimension(mm): 230(W)x180(H)x28(D)

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