Fingerprint Employee Time Attendance Entry time clock System With USB

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Fingerprint Employee Time Attendance Entry time clock System With USB

Highly Accurate Fingerprint Recognition
Lightning Fast Fingerprint Recognition
Smart Fingerprint Update
Ultra Low False Acceptance Rate
USB pendriver for Data Update / Download
Introducing the fingerprint access clocking system. Small but as powerful as they come. Keep track of employee working hours, more efficiently, save time and intern save money. Easy to use and adds tremendous value to your company in accurately recording hours worked, so that you may pay the correct amount of wages.

The sole purpose of this fingerprint time attendance is to help employers record employee attendance data while also helping workers clock in quickly and easily (you can lose a card, but you can't lose your finger!). This model fingerprint time attendance unit helps companies to manage attendance records more easily

This fingerprint time attendance device is perfect for company HR Managers of any small or medium sized business. This device will work wonders in making your job easier while also making it possible to more closely monitor employee time, thereby saving your company money and time. Eliminate buddy clocking, "buddy-clocking" is when a co-worker clocks in or out for another employee. Now your company will be able to capture every minute of work you pay for.

Finger Touch Sensor: yes
Fingerprint capacity : 600
USB disk up/download(enrolldata,log) : Yes
Matching speed: Less than 0.8 s (In case of 600 fingerprints enrollment)
Allowable finger rotation: 360°(all direction)
Intelligent adaptation function Yes

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