KOOL ENERGY | Hybrid Inverter with 50AH 24 VDC (1280WH) Lithium, Rated power 1000W

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KOOL Energy Storage System is an all-in-one solution, which integrates an inverter and a LifePO4
battery into one unit. KOOL Energy offers an economical and self-sufficiency solution allowing homeowners to seamlessly store excess solar energy during the daytime to power their home both day and night. Product features including an Lithium-ion battery module which is lighter than lead-acid batteries and a compact/elegant design. Moreover, KOOL Energy offers 3 operation modes settings

to adapt to individual houses. It is easy to configure between different operation modes based on user's needs regarding
their energy management, include User-programmable PV power supply priority, charging source priority.


  • All-in-one energy storage solution with LifePO4 Lithium battery, that can be charged from    
    • AC mains,
    • Solar or Generator
  • 1280WattHour Capacity, Provides 1000Watts Rated Power
  • Pure sine wave output, to handle even sensitive electronics;
  • 2000 cycles lifePO4 battery and has a 5 year service life;
  • The mains input automatically turns on and activates the lifePO4 battery
  • The mains supply mode/energy-saving mode/battery mode can be set for flexibility;
  • Convenient and practical 5VDC-USB2.0; and 12VDC output port;
  • MPPT Controller greatly improves the charging efficiency, and achieve a full charge in just hours;
  • Overcharge protection and over discharge protection for a longer battery life;
  • Safe and reliable with intelligent exhaust fan control;


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