OPTEX PIR detector for IDS alarms

R 399.00 R 499.00

Built on OPTEX's proven RX and CX series technology, RXC-ST provides higher performance in higher temperatures, the RXC-ST features digital target recognition and is suitable for Grade 2 residential, commercial or industrial applications.

RXC-ST has 78 dense zones to cover the whole coverage. At any spot within the coverage more than 4 (quad ) zones are utilized to verify if it should generate alarm or not. The CORE Platform enabled the QUAD ZONE LOGIC to evolve to the next step. Providing digital quantification of infrared energy, RX-CORE'S enhanced accuracy in both human detection and pet immunity.


  • Buildings
  • House

Key Features

  • Digital Quad Zone Logic
  • High density pattern
  • Features a Multi Angle Bracket
  • Advanced sealed optics

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