Roboguard Kit - 4 x Roboguard + HQ

R 10,495.00 R 12,220.00

Roboguard is a true Early Warning System which is significantly different from other types of systems that are available. The RoboGuard system is mainly used for a complete wireless detection system. We will always recommend starting of with a Roboguard beam kit, making selections much easier.

This D.I.Y Kit includes:

4 x Roboguards (green): A battery-operated, dual-sensor, outdoor movement detector designed to detect intruders and wirelessly transmit the information to a Roboguard Base station (HQ). Batteries included
1 x HQ (Base Station): A portable 8 zone, 4 output, base-station used to receive and announce signals from up to 8 Roboguard Sensors. The HQ can also be wired to a siren and/or an up-line alarm panel. Arm/disarm with a roboguard remote.
1 x Charger for HQ

  • 30 micro-amp current consumption 8xC type batteries give extended life (3-5 years typically)

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